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DUI Defense in Austin

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Have you or someone you know been arrested for a drunk driving offense? Smith & Vinson Law Firm is proud to represent individuals who have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in the Austin area. Whether you have failed a Standardized Field Sobriety Test, refused to take a chemical test which resulted in the suspension of your license, or were charged with a DUI, our defense attorney stands ready to make sure your rights are protected.

Working with our firm means you have personal and direct access to an uncompromising team that is ready to fight to defend your side of the story.

What Will Happen to My License?

Depending on certain factors, including your location and prior history, your driver’s license could be suspended immediately after an arrest. It will likely be suspended until your administrative license hearing, which is your chance to help reverse the suspension. We utilize effective defense strategies that help our clients avoid serious consequences, including the automatic and sometimes irreversible revocation of driving privileges.

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  • Jarrod L. Smith


    Jarrod Smith is a native Texan, and an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who cares and fights hard for his clients. Jarrod, along with his law partner, Brad Vinson, founded Smith & Vinson Law Firm with the idea of helping accused citizens successfully navigate their way through the complicated criminal justice system.

    Jarrod completed his undergraduate education at the University of Houston, majoring in Criminal Justice, and graduating with high honors. He went on to attend law school at the South Texas College of Law Houston. Jarrod excelled academically, graduating in the top 20% of his class.

    While in law school, he founded the STCL Criminal Law Society, and was a member of the prestigious South Texas Law Review. Jarrod also excelled in the courtroom. He completed courses in criminal trial advocacy and mock trial, finishing 1st place, with Brad Vinson, in the Garland Walker Mock Trial competition.

    Jarrod is a former assistant district attorney at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. Additionally, he has interned with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and the Harris County Public Defender’s Office. Jarrod also has experience on the federal side of the criminal justice system, as a former law clerk for the United States Attorney’s Office. These experiences provide him with a variety of practical experience on both the state and federal, prosecution and defense side.

  • Brad Vinson


    Attorney Brad Vinson is an honest, hard working attorney who cares about giving his clients the best possible representation.

    Mr. Brad Vinson completed his undergraduate education at the University of Tennessee, majoring in communication. During his time at South Texas College of Law Houston, he also completed coursework in criminal trial advocacy and mock trial, finishing 1st place, along with Jarrod Smith, in the annual Garland Walker Mock Trial competition.

    Mr. Vinson went on to compete in a variety of mock trial events. He was named Summer Trial Academy Best Advocate Overall. He then traveled to New York to compete in a national tournament as a varsity advocate in South Texas College of Law Houston’s nationally ranked mock trial team.

    When you work with Attorney Vinson, you are not just hiring someone to handle your case, but an attorney that will put you and your legal needs first

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  • “I knew after I first met them in person I knew they we're going to fight and I got the result that I was happy with at the end. I would recommend if anything ever happens to anyone. ”

    Previous Client

  • “I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to represent me. I highly recommend!”

    Previous Client

  • “I only wish we had called Brad first. He's a real lawyer!”


  • “ When you hire Brad Vinson you hire an attorney who will pay close attention to your case and work extremely hard for you.”

    Anna S.

  • “He listened to me and I felt that he cared about my case.”


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Questions About Your Rights?

  • Is there a legal limit for DUI?


    Yes. In most states, you are considered to be “under the influence” if your blood alcohol content is .08% or higher. The legal limit can be even lower for individuals who utilize a commercial driver’s license or individuals who are under the legal drinking age (minors).

  • What if I rely on my license for my job?


    A DUI arrest or conviction can be incredibly serious for drivers who rely on their license for work-related duties. Though the best advice for commercial drivers is to never drink while driving, we understand that even the smallest mistake could jeopardize your future. To prevent a revocation or suspension of your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you must speak with an attorney immediately.

  • Will a failed sobriety test mean that I am convicted?


    Absolutely not. Some tests can be re-tested, such as blood tests, and the results from any roadside breath tests or field sobriety tests can always be challenged. Police officers are required to follow a certain protocol when issuing these tests, and an attorney can help determine if any steps in the protocol were broken or violated. Even if the evidence against you seems incriminating, you must talk with a lawyer who can help determine which steps to take in your case.

  • Do I have to perform a breath test?


    Nearly every state in the U.S. implements Implied Consent Laws. This essentially means that all legally licensed drivers will be required to take and complete a blood, breath, or chemical test when asked by a law enforcement officer. Drivers must cooperate with enforcement if they are asked to take a test in order to determine the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level. Failure to complete the test could be used as evidence against you, should the case continue to trial.

  • Possible Case Outcomes

    Charges Reduced

    There may be a chance that you can get your charges reduced to a misdemeanor, depending upon various circumstances with what exactly happened. We investigate all avenues to determine if this is possible for you.

  • Possible Case Outcomes

    Plea Bargain

    Though prosecutors may be harsh, we utilize our skills to negotiate a lesser charge. We work hard to negotiate a deal that keeps you from spending time in jail or convince the court why your case deserves minimum penalties.

  • Possible Case Outcomes

    Charges Dismissed

    We represent every client with the full intent of helping them move forward from an arrest with the best possible outcome. Our defense strategy is focused on helping you walk out of a courtroom with a clean slate, if possible.

How Bad Did I Really Blow?

Blood Alcohol Concentration and What It Really Means

  • You’re safe to drive!

  • Stages of euphoria

    .03%- .07%
  • Disorientation, confusion

    .12%- .15%
  • Unconsciousness

    .25%- .34%
  • .01%- .02%

    Behavior may seem normal

  • .08%- .11%

    Loss of critical judgment

  • .16%- .24%

    Severe impairment

  • .35%- .45%

    Death is possible

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